The new book is up for pre-order now!

There is a new book
March 1, 2020
$2.99 Kindle sale, other news
April 3, 2020

It’s called Zoey Punches the Future in the Dick.

This is the second book in the Zoey Ashe series, which is also in development as a TV series as we speak. That doesn’t mean it’ll actually become a show, but still that’s pretty cool, right? As for what the books are about:

Imagine there’s a team of con artists with PSYOPS training from their time as off-the-books military contractors. It’s the future, and there is now technology that grants people superpowers. This team, whose only superpower is the ability to spin bullshit, must find increasingly convoluted and ridiculous ways to resolve conflicts between vigilantes and cybernetically enhanced villains running rampant in the city. This team of high-tech illusionists is led by a girl in her early 20s who was living in a trailer park right up until she suddenly found out she inherited her father’s fortune and his criminal empire. Her name is Zoey Ashe. She has a cat.

So there are no elements of the supernatural in this series but it’s not exactly a slice-of-life tale of coping with middle age. The first one is called Futuristic Violence and Fancy Suits and it’s actually the most acclaimed of any of my books, which I realize is a low bar. But it has nearly-perfect reader reviews on Amazon, so it’s a pretty safe purchase if you like the other things I’ve written, especially since it’s often $2.99 on Kindle (and sales will be running off and on during 2020). The second one is out this fall but is up for pre-order now.

The next book will be in my other series (the John Dies at the End novels), that will the fourth book in that one. It’s already a movie, search for the title on your favorite streaming service!