Video: Jason Talks About Cracked, the 2017 Layoffs and Other Industry Stuff for 105 Minutes

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April 3, 2020
I occasionally make YouTube videos about writing stuff, here’s the new one
June 17, 2020

See important note below:

This is the first of the fan Q & A videos, this one is all about Cracked and the 2017 layoffs and the factors that went into all that.

The important note is that I lost an important segment at the end because audio went out*, in the missing bit I explained that after Facebook convinced every site to move to their platform, in 2016 they cut off 95% of all traffic to all sites, wiping out the entire industry with one flip of the switch. This is why Upworthy lost 85% of its total traffic overnight and why all of your favorite sites have had to lay off most of their staff, if not going dark entirely.

*I got up to go to the bathroom and when I sat back down I forgot to put the mic back on my shirt.

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