The next John and Dave book, plus a general update for the end of 2020

Publisher’s Weekly just called the new book “Brilliant”
July 23, 2020
The next book in the ‘John Dies at the End’ series is up for pre-order now!!!
January 18, 2022

Here’s a summary of where we are:

* I’m about 88,000 words into the fourth John and Dave book, tentatively titled David Wong Dies in This One, it’s due at the end of next year and will be out in 2022.

* It will be published under my own name instead of the David Wong pseudonym.

* No additional news on the Zoey TV series, other than that the studio renewed the rights so that would imply they’re still working on it or planning to (everything stopped for COVID this year).

* No news I can share about a new JDATE show/movie, either, it’s always out there and I do believe there’ll be something eventually, just a ton of moving parts.

* I have a long line of requests lined up for me to do podcasts, a nonfiction book of essays, more guest appearances and columns and many other things, but I have to buckle down and get JDATE 4 written, 2020 really dragged down progress and I don’t want there to be a crunch at the end of 2021. I need to block everything else out.

* The new Zoey book that just came out is the most acclaimed of all of the books I’ve written, from critics and fans alike (I think the 4.8 average across nearly 800 reviews on Amazon is the most impressive) so if you haven’t jumped on that series, it’s a pretty safe bet:

Be safe, everybody. The vaccine is arriving as we speak.